Friends of Zilker Neighborhood

Our Goals

A free neighborhood association open to everyone


No membership dues ever. We want to be as open as possible and part of that is reducing barriers to membership and to voting.


Everyone in the neighborhood can join and be a part of the community. Renters, property owners, business owners, and homeowners can join. Everyone is welcome since we are all a part of the community. We are the only neighborhood group in Zilker that posts online our voting results, how we communicate voting results to the city council, posts our voter rolls online for independent verification, and allows everyone in Zilker to participate at any time.


Voting on local issues should be easy and everyone should be able to participate. We use a secure online voting system. Anyone in the neighborhood can sign up to vote at any time. We understand that people have busy lives and cant attend all meetings to vote on the issues that they care about. Allowing everyone to vote online allows more people to participate in their community and to better represent the views of everyone in Zilker.


Our monthly meetings are neighbor get-togethers instead of formal meetings. One of our main goals is to create a place where people can get to know their neighbors in person. We help neighbors that need help navigating permitting and variance requests at the city and help the community in any way that we can.

Meetings are friendly neighborhood get togethers.
Join Us

Friends of Zilker is a true neighborhood association, one whose primary goal is to bring neighbors together. We understand that even though we live together we might approach situations from a different perspective and we value all the perspectives that make Zilker the best neighborhood in Austin to live. We strive to use all the tools available to enable all our neighbors to have a voice and to particpate in ways that work for them. Kids are welcome.

  • We are always happy to welcome new members. To learn how to formally join the group and take part in all online voting please use the Join link above.

  • We hold meetings roughly once a month. We post meeting dates, times and locations on the listserve and our MeetUp group. Most of our business meetings are held at fibercove and are live cast so members can call in to join the meeting. The board determines what will be voted on based on imput from monthly meetings, but all voting happens online and includes the whole membership. Meetings are a chance to meet neighbors, and we usually have a social gathering after the meeting.

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