Meeting July 8, 2015

Friends of Zilker to meet at 7:30pm. FiberCOVE.








Discussed New Board of Adjustment Members


Impervious Cover for driveways


Discussed cyclocross and impact on trees – bikes were outside of ½ critical root zone

  • What could have been done different. Was there a long term difference.


DIscussion of STR 2 and City Council


Next council meeting : Aug 6 or Aug 25


Increasing Membership :

  • Listserve for Freidsn of Zilker
  • door knocking
  • emailing
  • businesses
  • yard signs
  • apartment complexesd
  • flyers – only call to action is to join friendsofzilker


Get Ford closed off for Halloween


Events Ideas

Pre Back to School Event

Back to School : Maybe something philinthronpic – cause and call to actions – talk to counclor

Clean the bike lane : by ZIlker – remove branches

Maybe meet at park after

bollards – perminant divder

Bike Saftey Course put kids troughs safety stations


Ask the neighborhood what issues they are having

  • ACL
  • Parking on Treadwell


Discussed parking on Treadwell. Currently the garage is completely filled with movie patrons.

wait till it is finished to see how it goes