Board of Adjustment Results : Garage Door Variance

We are thrilled to announce the Lamb Family will be getting a garage door! The “garage door issue” is what inspired Dan Brickley, Mary (Sledd) Owens and Brian Bowers to start Friends of Zilker a few years back. This is a very special “win” for them and for this group.

The BoA hearing for them was on Aug 14, and this was Friends of Zilker first time to speak formally on a variance. The decision sheet and you can Watch the Hearing (item L3) The video is actually pretty interesting as far as BOA videos go and worth the 22 minutes if you want to learn more about how these meetings proceed.

Huge thank you to those involved.

  • The Lamb Family – welcome to FoZ! Y’all worked so hard for this and we are so happy you stuck through the process. We hope you enjoy your garage door, that is already up.
  • Monica Ghioc – you are a saint for helping with block walking to help collect signatures, and your testimony about police reports was powerful.
  • Mary Owenes – was FoZ board contact that worked with the family to help them navigate the BoA system and strategize behind the scenes. She also provided testimony and photos at the meeting.
  • Monica Ghioc, Dan Brickley, Felicity Maxwell, Mary Sledd (and others – please contact us so we can add you) thank you for going and standing in support (twice!) at the Board of Adjustment meeting. Y’all made a huge difference by attending and speaking. You are good citizens for being engaged in what matters to you!
  • Members of Friends of Zilker – thank you for passing a resolution on this matter, and thank you for being involved in helping make our neighborhood a friendlier place.
  • Neighbors (200+) of you who signed the petition. It made a difference for the Board to hear many many many voices all asking for the same thing – that a family be allowed to install a garage door on their carport!

If we work together we can help our neighbors!