2017 ACL Stakeholder Meeting Notes


BIG DAY for Friends of Zilker! We were invited to take part in the ACL stakeholder meeting at the City and we were given a seat at the table (literally) for the first time along with the other neighborhood associations near Zilker Park (WANG, BHNA, BOULDIN, ZNA). Big day! Also at the meeting were leaders from C

3, transportation department, consultants, and first respondents.

The agenda included lane closures, parking plans / signage, enforcement, site updates to ACL and a short roundtable. Not talked about at the meeting was SEPP.


Notable from the meeting is that based on the drafts of temporary sign placements show increased numbers of signs on Dexter and Dywer.

A neighborhood leader suggested there should be more signs in Okie Heights.

I used the comment as an opportunity to talk to the consultant about the vote FoZ had regarding signs.

Our stance, and the existence of FoZ was news to him, but he knows we exist now and he has our vote in hand. Likely too late for this year, but hopefully will weigh in to next years decisions. He (or maybe it was a City Employee) suggesting calling 311 during the Festival if community members were unhappy with the number of signs.

Other really interesting bit of info is the footprint of the festival is changing some (see draft image above) and the festival will be adding another entrance to help get folks into / out of the park more smoothly. A lot of the “infrastructure” that runs the fest will be moved over the Stratford over the old landfill. The Fest will not have more people, and will be using the same amount of the park, but they are moving things around a bit.


There is one more “stakeholder meeting” on the matter in mid Sept. If you have traffic / parking related concerns please surface them on the FoZ listserve.

Notes by Mary Owens, Secretary

And a few photos of the office, conference room and the view. May this be the first of many chances we get to share our VOICE.