Meeting – March 21,2016

Meeting Notes – March 21, 2016 7pm


In attendance

  • Jimmy M
  • Dan B
  • Lisa K
  • JP M
  • Toni G
  • David P
  • Rob P
  • Mary S


New Lego presented to the group.

Membership Drive ideas :

  • Printing flyers
  • Discussion of locations to place flyers Bluebonnet, Irie Bean
  • Goal – 100 members by the end June

Discussion of Approach to Code Next

  • Rob Parsons spoke and offered to write up a paragraph about the prescription papers currently available on CodeNeXT website
  • Discussion of Citizen Advisory Group
  • Inquire how we can get a member on the neighborhood contact team

Request volunteer to attend council members

  • Group agreed to start scanning agenda and BOA hearings

Why don’t we have a neighborhood plan?

  • According to David P the ZNA didn’t think they had enough control with a plan and how it would turn out so the prefer for items to go through ZNA excom instead.

Informal discussion of 903 Lund and owners concern neighboring property will be purchased and new owner will build a multistory building that would block her view. The deed restrictions may prevent this from happening.