Position on Event Parking & Garage Doors

Position up for consideration:

Friends of Zilker is a democratic and inclusive neighborhood association. Our group was founded in 2015 and we have more than 100 active members. Our positions outlined in this paper are currently being voted on by our full membership. At our June 2017 meeting we had a representative from C3 ( ACL ), the transportation department at the City of Austin, and the parks department at the city of Austin talk to us and answer questions about how events in proximity to the Zilker neighborhood are managed.

After reviewing this discussion Friends of Zilker is proposing adopting the following positions regarding events in the neighborhood.

In addition, a petition was passed around supporting a neighbor who wishes to put a garage door on their carport.  Along these lines the Friends of Zilker is proposing adopting a position on neighbors ability to put a garage door on their carport(s).

Vote #1

Friends of Zilker does not support Special Event Permit Parking in our neighborhood, except on a case by case and ​street by street basis where 60% of residents must opt-in and vote​ to approve SEPP (per the RPP rules).

Our position is that most residents do not have an undue burden in finding parking in front of or around their own homes, and that these permits do more to prevent people having guests over to their house during the events than anything else​. Further, we welcome and accept that, as part of the Zilker neighborhood, we will occasionally have events that necessitate the needs of non-residents parking here for better access to the park.

Permit parking would create restrictions that make it more difficult for our residents and guests during these same events. This goes against the very definition of Residential Permit Parking, as defined by the ATD and CoA.

Finally, we oppose the increase of SEPP parking violations to $250 + $193 for towing and impound fees as this could be financially debilitating to some residents.

  • Yes – I support this position

  • No – I do not support this position


Vote #2

Friends of Zilker does not support Special Event “No Parking” and related barricades being erected in the neighborhood when an event occurs.  Instead, we support spending taxpayer or event organizer money that is used toward this effort in a more forward thinking effort of improving the neighborhood infrastructure, such as sidewalks, improved crossings, etc. to better handle the increased traffic and people during these events.

If the neighborhood is unsafe or is overburdened when public parking is fully utilized, then we take the position that all efforts should be made to address event transportation and traffic demand on a larger level. There are frequent impacts on the walkability and usability of our neighborhood streets that are daily issues and are not event driven.

  • Yes – I support this position

  • No – I do not support this position


Vote #3

Friends of Zilker supports Zilker residence seeking Board of Adjustment variances to increase FAR to allow for the addition of a garage door(s) on one of the two open sides of a carport.

Adding a garage door to a carport that is still 80% open on one side does not add heated / cooled living space to the home. The addition of a garage door should not change the FAR, but because Austin has an unusual way of calculating FAR it does. The FoZ support neighbors who seek an upwards adjustment of their homes FAR to allow for the addition of a garage door on an open carport. Furthermore, the distance of a carport from an open porch should not impact how the FAR is calculated if both the porch and the carport are not heated / cooled.

Allowing neighbors to add garage doors to their homes is very much in keeping with the character of the Zilker neighborhood.

Information about McMansion Carport Exemption – LDC 25-2, Subchapter F, 3.3.2 . More of a high level overview of the McMansion Ordinance.

Information about 904 Jessie Board of Adjustment Code Interpretation regarding required distance between open carport and porch: Austin Monitor Story about 904 Jessie and 904 Jessie Board of Adjustment Documents

Previous Council (in)Action on resolving carport exemption issue generally in the code which is why BOA variances are  needed to add garage doors. October 6, 2016 – City Council Item 55 (1 of 2) 65:20

  • Yes – I support this position

  • No – I do not support this position